The "Rag Doll" is a remarkable little 2-minute strategy you can do nearly anywhere when you need refreshment and relief from tension. It's great when you have actually been staring at a computer screen for a long time, or for a break from lengthened physical activity. I have utilized it while waiting for a close friend to obtain care in a healthcare facility emergency clinic, while gardening, baking limitless dozens of Christmas cookies, waxing the car, and especially when I'm doing a big round of residence cleaning.

After you read the quick directions below, give it a try. If you're at all like others with whom I've shared it, you'll be surprised and happy at the immediate physical relaxation and psychological clarity it provides you.

Below's how it goes:.

Stand with your feet ought to width apart and you knees slightly bent. Flex over at the waist as far as you conveniently can, letting your arms dangle to the floor. Now pretending that you are a rag doll hanging from the criminal of a little lady's arm, carefully bounce your head and arms as if the little girl holding you was walking. Simply gently flop, enabling your arms to gently swing and your go to turn from side to side to side.

(Personally, I such as to imagine that the little woman is singing. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" utilized to be my imaginary girl's tune of choice. However lately I've seen she suches as the Ren and Stimpy "Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy" you hear included in the current round of Sara Lee TELEVISION commercials.).

Feel the tension leaving your neck and shoulders as you remain to easily bounce and flop for about minute or so. If you're really taking pleasure in the experiences, it's great to go a little longer.

Let yourself stop bouncing, and then, to a nice deep inhale, gradually straighten yourself up, stacking up one vertebra at a time up until you're upright. You might wish to flex into a little backwards stretch, too, although that's optional. Then breathe out, smile, and carry on.

That's it. Do it now! You'll like it. Pass it on!

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