Medicare fraud hurts everyone with higher expenses, higher taxes, and, considering that those who deliberately defraud Medicare are wrongdoers who prey on people in need of medical help, the enhanced likelihood that the clients themselves may not be receiving the treatment or services they need.

Medicare fraud results in the loss of hundreds of countless dollars each year, and patients and families are the first line of defense when it pertains to avoiding Medicare fraud. Among the means to do this is to examine your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) when you get it to make certain you understand what all the products and services shown are and identify whether you really received everything listed.

If you do not understand the statement or do not think you received something on the list, call the physician's office and have it explained to you. If you do not get a sufficient answer, you can then call the company that paid your Medicare claim. Their contact info will be listed on your MSN and they have a beneficial interest in assisting you prevent Medicare fraud. If you think somebody has committed Medicare fraud and do not have the MSN, you can call the hotline at 1-800-447-84771-800-447-8477

You can also assist avoid Medicare fraud prior to it occurs by being a smart consumer. For instance, be more than suspicious of any company who declares to be backed by Medicare or the government ... specifically if they declare to stand for Medicare or start contact with you by means of telemarketing or as a traveling salesmans.

Providing your Medicare Health Insurance Claim Number or Medicare card to a carrier who claims that "Medicare doesn't typically cover this, but we understand how to get them to pay for it" is asking for trouble, as is handling providers who claim that "Medicare desires you to have this". Medicare is an insurance coverage program - what insurance coverage company have you ever became aware of that wishes to pay for more than they absolutely have to?

Likewise, you must not provide your card or number to any service provider who says they will certainly do something for you for free and all you have to do is give them your Medicare number. You can bet they will bill Medicare for something ... and you most likely will not have gotten it.

Medicare fraud is an ongoing issue and you can assist stop it.

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