What is Medicare Fraud?

Medicare fraud is intentionally billing Medicare for services that were never ever provided or gotten.

Some examples of Medicare fraud include:.

* Billling Medicare or another insurance provider for services or items you never ever got.

* Billing Medicare for services or devices which are different from what you got.

* Use of another men and women's Medicare card to obtain medical care, supplies, or equipment.

* Billing Medicare for home medical equipment after it has actually been returned.

Medicare Fraud Detection Tips.

You ought to be suspicious if the carrier informs you that:.

* The test is free; he just requires your Medicare number for his records. KEEP IN MIND: For scientific laboratory tests, there is no co-payment and a service provider could in good faith state that the test is complimentary, given that there is not cost to the person with Medicare.

* Medicare wants you to have the item or service.

* They understand ways to get Medicare to spend for it.

* The even more tests they offer the less costly they are.

* The equipment or service is free; it won't cost you anything.

Be suspicious of suppliers that:.

* Charge co-payments on medical lab tests, and on Medicare covered preventive services such as PAP smears, prostate certain antigen (PSA) tests, or flu and pneumonia shots.

* Routinely waive co-payments on any services, aside from those previously mentioned, without examining your ability to pay.

* Advertise "totally free" appointments to People with Medicare.

* Claim they represent Medicare.

* Use pressure or scare strategies to offer you high priced clinical services or diagnostic tests.

* Bill Medicare for services you did not get.

* Use telemarketing and door-to-door selling as marketing tools.

Medicare Fraud Prevention Tips.

To assist avoid Medicare fraud, you must report believed instances of fraud. Whenever you receive a payment notification from Medicare, review it for mistakes. The payment notification shows what Medicare was billed for, exactly what Medicare paid and what you owe. Make certain Medicare was not billed for health care services or medical materials and devices you did not receive.

The following is a list of suggestions to prevent fraud:.

* Don't ever offer your Medicare Health Insurance Claim Number (on your Medicare card) other than to your doctor or other Medicare carrier.

* Don't allow any individual, except appropriate doctor, to examine your medical records or advise services.

* Don't contact your doctor to ask for a service that you do not need.

* Do make sure in accepting Medicare services that are represented as being totally free.

* Do be cautious when you are offered complimentary screening or screening in exchange for your Medicare card number.

* Do beware of any provider who maintains they have been endorsed by the Federal government or by Medicare.

* Do prevent a supplier of health care items or services who tells you that the item or service is not typically covered, but they understand ways to bill Medicare to obtain it'sed a good idea.

It is in your benefit and that of all citizens to report suspected fraud. Healthcare fraud, whether versus Medicare or private insurers, boosts everybody's healthcare costs, similar as shoplifting enhances the expenses of the food we eat and the garments we use. If we are to preserve and sustain our existing health care system, we must collaborate to decrease expenses.

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