The Caribbean has 4 major medical schools that are occasionally referred to as "The Big Four". These medical schools are certified and have produced numerous fine doctors. Many of the graduates are American born and go back to the states to set-up a lifetime practice. They have actually proven that medical schools in the Caribbean can and do produce well physicians of medication.

Really there are some specific benefits to Caribbean medical schools. These schools are a sensible option and option to American medical schools. They are generally lower in cost. Tuition is typically cheaper. Housing is conveniently offered for US students. Another benefit is that admission is much easier than US schools. The opportunity to gain acceptance into a Caribbean med school ought to be greater than that of an American school. The med schools in the Caribbean typically use English to instruct all of their classes. Language ought to not be an issue.

While US schools have one deadline for admission, the Caribbean schools typically provide three application durations in a year. This indicates you might be able to begin courses at a time aside from the standard start dates of American schools. There are three schools in the Caribbean that deserve your study and investigation. Those 3 include: Ross School of Medicine, Sava School of Medicine, and the St. George University.

There are some disadvantages to going to a school in the Caribbean. The cost of travel will be an added expenditure. It is not inexpensive to take a trip these days. You will likewise need to adapt to a different culture. For some this may be difficult although the majority of American medical students make the adjustment with time. Another disadvantage is the procedure of getting clinical rotations and residencies. The Caribbean schools do not have a strong program like American schools. There is also a limited number readily available. Many of the medical schools in the Caribbean do offer rotations back in the United States but you will have to explore those specific circumstances. If you go back to the States you will need to take the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and the USMLE tests too.

Caribbean medical schools do offer an alternative for American medical students. The final judgment will always be up to the person. Lots of students have attended medical school in the Caribbean and have strong careers. You will need to make those decisions for yourself.

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