A simple, but crucial medical billing change has just recently happened. Starting on October 1, 2005, the Medicare resilient medical equipment regional provider (DMERC) will not accept the medical diagnosis code 585.0. Instead of using ICD-9 585.0, medical billing must be finished with the ICD-9 code 585.6 for home dialysis charges.

The code 585.0 implies persistent kidney failure. This code has now been terminated and the DMERC will no longer be lenient on the code. The even more descriptive code, 585.6 (end phase renal condition) a lot more accurately describes the medical diagnosis for home dialysis. It is important that your medical billing personnel note this modification. Failure to do so will lead to overdue future claims.

Scenarios like this show the need to employ an outside medical billing company. Numerous errors can be prevented by working with one of these companies. Medical billing business utilize extremely knowledgeable individuals who are practiced, accredited, and updated on existing medical billing/coding practices. By employing these business you are relieving your practice from the duty of training and updating your very own medical billing workers on modifications.

Another advantage to using a medical billing company is the time they maximize for your employees to work one-on-one with patients. The less time your staff invests on medical billing, the more time you can focus on customer service. This is an added bonus offer since the essence of medical care is focused around trust. In order for your clients to trust you, you must build up a relationship.

The modification to the house dialysis medical billing code may be basic, nevertheless, there are lots of other medical billing modifications that are not so simple. It is extremely important to stay up to date with all medical billing changes to guarantee correct reimbursement for the future of your practice.

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