With the huge bulk of people who have at one point or an additional followed a liquid diet it is not surprising that that the term is so must known. Although this diet was primarily subscribed for patients prior to or after surgery it is now a popular diet for weight loss. In health situations the diet is advised by unique doctors to clear the digestive tract.

Liquid diet, as the name suggests, is the diet strategy where the body consumes only fluids for a specific timeframe. No solid foods are allowed this diet. Liquid diet plans can be divided into two sub types: full liquid diet and clear liquid diet. In the former, any liquid foods (milk, honey, shakes) are consumed while in the latter only transparent liquids (like clear soup, clear fruit juices) are eaten. The clear liquid diet prior to surgery is suggested, so that no food continues to be inside the stomach prior to surgical treatment (specifically that of the gastrointestinal tract). It assists in clearing the intestinal tract of any unwanted residue. On the other hand, a clear liquid diet for colonoscopy benefits in leaving the tummy and colon clear of any residue.

On the other hand the liquid diet has quickly caught on and made use of as a diet to reduce weight rapidly. The weight loss is quick due to the fact that the calorie intake is highly decreased since fluids are the single elements of the diet. Individuals following this diet will typically eat veggie soups and broths, fruits juices, etc to provide their bodies with all the necessary minerals and vitamins. This is absolutely much better than the normal carbonated and sports alcoholic beverages. Laid out below are a list of foods that are advised for this diet.

- Fruit juices without pulp

- Vegetable broth

- Vegetable soups

- Milk and milk shakes

- Strained lemonade

- Fruit punch

- Sports drinks

- Gelatin based products and jellies

- Honey, honey in lemon water, honey in milk

- Clear ice pops, sweets

- Tea, coffee without cream

- Fruits purees

- Smooth and clear ice cream

Any of these foods can be integrated into the meal plans for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Although these diets are meant for individuals having problem with weight problems lots of other individuals find this diet useful for weight loss. When utilizing the liquid diet in preparation for surgery the diet is best utilized 3-4 days prior to and after the medical surgery. For the function of weight loss the diet can be followed for anywhere between 3-39 days. That said, you ought to never follow the diet beyond the recommended time. Coming off the diet should also be managed with care. It is never ever smart to start strong foods immediately after coming off the diet as problems like diarrhea or indigestion can result. Workout is not advised while on the diet given that it can decrease the metabolic rate leading to loss of muscle mass.

As advantageous as this diet can be it is not without its fair share of side effects. Issues like irregularity and issues digesting food can result particularly if the diet does not have a correct source of fiber. Other complications like lack of energy, tiredness, throwing up, loose motions and others can likewise develop. Another vital indicate keep in mind is that while the diet works in decreasing weight any benefits can be quickly reversed as soon as the individual returns to normal food. As with all weight loss programs a physician must be spoken with before commencement to prevent damage to one's wellness.

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