The keto diet. What is the keto diet? In easy terms it's when you fool your body into using your very own BODYFAT as it's main energy source instead of carbohydrates. The keto diet is popular technique of losing fat rapidly and successfully.

The Science Behind It

To obtain your body into a ketogenic state you need to consume a high fat diet and low protein without any carbs or hardly any. The ratio must be around 80 % fat and 20 % protein. This will the guideline for the first 2 days. As soon as in a ketogenic state you will need to increase protein consumption and lower fat, ratio will be around 65 % fat, 30 % protein and 5 % carbohydrates. Protein is increased to spare muscle tissue. When your body intakes carbohydrates it causes an insulin spike which means the pancreas launches the hormone insulin (helps store glycogen, amino acids and excess calories as fat) so common sense tells us that if we get rid of carbohydrates then the blood insulin will not keep excess calories as fat. Perfect.

Now your body has no carbs as a energy source your body have to find a brand-new source. Fat. This exercises completely if you want to lose body fat. The body will break down the body fat and use it as energy instead of carbs. This state is called ketosis. This is the state you desire your body to be in, makes best sense if you wish to lose body fat while keeping muscle.

Now to the diet part and ways to prepare it. You will need to intake AT LEAST a gram of protein per pounds of LEAN MASS. This will assist in the recovery and repair of muscle tissue after exercises and such. Bear in mind the ratio? 65 % fat and 30 % protein. Well if you weight 150 pounds of lean mass which means 150g of protein a day. X4 (amount of calories per gram of protein) that is 600 calories. The rest of your calories should originate from fat. If your calorie upkeep is 3000 you have to eat around 500 less which would imply that if you require 2500 calories a day, around 1900 calories must come from fats! You must eat fats to sustain your body which in return will also burn off body fat! That is the rule of this diet, you have to eat fats! The advantage to consuming nutritional fats and the keto diet is that you will not feel hungry. Fat food digestion is slow-moving which works to your benefit and helps you feel 'complete'.

You will be doing this Monday - Friday then" carb-up" on the weekend. After your last workout on Friday this is when the carb up beginnings. You must intake a liquid carbohydrate along with your whey shake post exercise. This assists produce a the hormone insulin spike and assists get the nutrients your body frantically requires for muscle repair work and growth and refill glycogen establishments. During this phase (carb up) consume what you desire - pizzas, pasta, crisps, ice cream. Anything. This will be useful for you because it will refuel your body for the upcoming week as well as recovering your body's vitamins and mineral needs. As soon as Sunday starts its back to the no carb high fat moderate protein diet. Keeping your body in ketosis and burning fat as energy is the best solution.

An additional benefit to ketosis is when your enter the state of ketosis and burn the fat you'r body will be depleted of carbs. When you load up with carbohydrates you will look as full as ever (with less bodyfat!) which is best for them events on weekends when you go to the coastline or celebrations!

Now lets wrap-up on the diet.

-Must enter the state of ketosis by removing carbs from the diet while intaking high fat moderate/low protein.

-Must intake fiber of some sort to keep your pipes as clear as ever if you understand what I mean.

-Once in ketosis protein consumption have to be at least that of a gram of protein per pound of lean mass.

-That is virtually it! It takes dedication to no eat carbohydrates through out the week as a great deal of foods have carbohydrates, however remember you will be rewarded significantly for your commitment. You have to not remain in the state of ketosis weeks on end as it is dangerous and will wind up with your body relying on use protein as a fuel source which is a no no. Hope it's assisted and good luck weight loss!

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