Golf swing trainer is a term you might think about for a training aid that deals with your golf swing. I've come up with a new definition for a golf swing trainer. It takes place to be what I do for a living.

I will not take up this whole article discussing myself, however I do desire you to consider a golf swing trainer in a various light after reading this.

You see ... I've watched and read about the millions of golf enthusiasts who are in search of the "silver bullet". The "magic pill" that will offer them the best swing and the game they imagine. Well ... it's not out there! I dislike to destroy the celebration, however there is no such thing.

There is hope!

I have actually invested the bulk of 10 years studying the golf swing. And over 25 years in the field of fitness and exercise physiology. I have incorporated my 2 interests into the label of golf swing trainer.

It pertained to me one day when I was working with among my individual golf customers. We were talking about his swing faults and I was recommending golf stretches and exercises to remove the swing fault.

After simply 4 sessions ... his swing fault was gone! Completely! He was thrilled to state the least. He informed me he had taken personal golf lessons with 4 different golf teaching pros and couldn't fix his golf swing fault.

When he discussed it to me ... it was obvious. It was a physical constraint that was not enabling his body to do the recommended strategy all these teaching pros had informed him he needed to do.

I was as thrilled as he was and now below I am. A golf swing trainer executing golf exercises and stretches to eliminate golf swing faults. It's the most effective way to completely eliminate swing faults with minimal or now change in strategy. The swing just falls into place when the body can do at optimal strength and versatility levels.

You heard it right here first. Now I am quite positive you will hear more specialists in my field of competence utilize it.

A golf swing trainer ought to have superior knowledge of the golf swing from a mechanical standpoint and physical perspective. If one or the other is missing, then this person isn't a certified professional that ought to be dealing with your golf swing.

So next time you hear this phrase ... think of enhancing your body ... not taking more lessons, getting the most recent, biggest gimmicky training aid, or getting on even more balls.

Golf Swing Trainer!

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