Having a golf swing problem and not being able to correct it is the norm these days. Millions of golfers every year stroll off the course in aggravation. They all have a golf swing issue and have attempted to fix it the "standard way".

Exactly what I indicate ... is going to a trainer who can extremely quickly mention exactly what the golf player is doing, but can not always get to the root of the issue. So many times the instructor will inform the golf player "he's coming over the top" which's why he's slicing the ball.

Or possibly he's got the "chicken wing" in his follow through. However what does all that imply if you can not get to what's the cause and effect of that golf swing problem?

I'm here to tell you that many golf swing problems are caused by your body's failure to do optimal golf swing mechanics. Let me say that again. Your body is the offender. If you don't have a look at what the 'physical' issue is, you can take all the lessons you want and you will continue to have the same golf swing problem.

Let me offer you a certain example.

You have a difficult time remaining "in your posture" during your golf swing. You've taken many lessons and your golf instructor keeps informing you "your coming out of your swing". However what good is that if you have no idea why this is happening?

I'll provide you one (of lots of) reasons why this could be occurring!

Your hamstrings (the back of your upper leg) are too tight AND week! This is a fact with the majority of golfers, particularly the senior golf players.

Golf posture requires a bending at the hips, which puts a stress on the hamstrings and low back. If your hamstrings are tight, they will send out a message to your brain stating "I can't hold this, get me out of this uncomfortable position".

Does that make sense?

The various other message your hamstrings could send out is "I'm not strong enough to hold this position, I'm going bail out of this position".

This is an extremely usual cause of "coming out of your golf swing".

However if you are not conscious this is the cause, you will continue to take lessons and hear the exact same thing over and over again. You could have saved hundreds of dollars in lessons, just by stretching and enhancing your hamstrings certain to your golf posture.

This is just among lots of examples of exactly how your body is what's causing the golf swing trouble.

Once you take the technique that your body determines your capability to swing properly, you will be on your means to the best golf of your life. You will soon not need to bother with a golf swing problem anymore.

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