When you think about consuming a raw food diet, what occur? Great deal of salads and fruit, right? All that work simply slicing and chopping to have a healthy raw meal. WOW, makes me tired to consider it.

But what if I mentioned a thick, velvety smoothie? What if I stated that it was made quickly and quickly in the Vita-Mix Wellness Device with hardly any tiresome slicing? What if I pointed out that it my smoothie was ready in just a minute or more ??

Well, I just recently have actually been attempting to obtain even more raw foods into my life. I am not 100 % on the raw food diet, but I am attempting to "go raw" each afternoon, instead of reaching for coffee or a can of pop. Initially it was hard to break away from the typically pick-me -ups. I missed the taste and the buzz that I instantly got. But now that I am making more smoothies, I need to admit that I am happier with the cool, thick and fruity taste. Green Smoothies are FANTASTIC!

I am likewise much happier with the smooth energy (no 5pm drop in energy for me any longer) that makes me feel fuller, longer. Because there is a lot more nutrition in my Green Smoothies I am able to focus on all my work a lot better than previously. It is incredible the difference including a Green Smoothie to my day had actually made.

My current favorite is Pear Kale (with other fruits also). This smoothie was brilliant green and tasted like sweet ripe pears. I was so amazed by the taste, as all that green was starting to worry me a little ...

So if you are attempting the Raw Food Diet, or are just attempting to consume a couple of more raw foods in your life like me, then I prompt you to look into the Vita-Mix Wellness machine so you can rapidly and quickly take pleasure in some wonderful drinks.

Bear in mind, you are deciding to consume a Raw Food diet for numerous factors: to loose weight, for better wellness and longer life. Why not make it easy for you to prepare yummy food that will certainly keep you healthy and strong.