Being that skin problem vary in a lot of ways (oily, regular, completely dry, or mix skin) there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all acne cure.

Recently, the FDA has approved the use of a gel called Epiduo for acne-affected patients over the age of 12 years.

Suggested for a one-time usage on a daily basis, Epiduo is a combo of 2 reliable procedures for acne. Benzoyl peroxide 2.5 % and Adapalene 0.1 % consisted of in Epiduo are generically marketed and passes the name Differin.

The producers of Epiduo, Galderma had stated in a current news release that the Epiduo gel has been able to combine both for the initial time and it would strike the marketplace early 2009.

Several various other over-the-counter medicines such as Stri-dex, Clearsil, Clearstick and Oxy Night Watch contain a crucial acne battling active ingredient; Salicylic Acid.

If the acne is very severe and a cyst has developed making various other medications immune, after that a powerful Retinoid called Isotretinoin can be used orally.

Dental prescription antibiotics have also become commonly used in order to keep acne escapements at bay. The anti-biotics aid to decrease the inflammation with preliminary higher amounts that are later on cut down steadily. But if the acne comes to be insusceptible to the antibiotic in time, it could not be managed.

In the US, a lot of broad-spectrum anti-biotics have actually been in use for the objective of addressing acne.


A visit to a skin specialist for a detailed exam is the best method to find out the treatment that will certainly work for you.

Your skin doctor will have the ability to figure out the very best treatment for you depending upon the problem of your acne along with your personal skin kind.

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