The Forex Factory website is a very popular website among establishing Forex traders as shown by an Alexa rating of around 5,400 most checked out sites online. Any site within the first 100,000 buckles down traffic!

Forex Factory provides 3 major services noted in my personal order of significance:.

- Calendar.

- News.

- Online forum.


The main attraction of the Forex Factory calendar of upcoming financial records and basic announcements is that it is so visual and simple to read.

A color coding system offers a sign at a glance as to how unpredictable the announcement is expected to be:.

Yellow - Low Impact.

Orange - Medium Effect.

Red - High Impact.

Another good function of this calendar is the capability to tailor the time to your very own time zone. So instead of having to include or deduct a specific variety of hours from GMT to arrive at the time of the financial record in your nation, you can set the calendar according to your time zone and see the time precisely showed.

This feature conserves some confusion and prevents a more recent trader from leaving a trade in around an unpredictable report because of getting the time mixed!


A number of report are featured daily from authorities and advisors in the monetary markets.

Within a few minutes the trader can come up to speed on the most up to date economic aspects that may influence the marketplace.


The Online forums at Forex Factory have a big appeal as suggested by the hundreds of users online each day.

The forums are divided into numerous styles consisting of:.

General Discussion.

Trading Systems.

Broker Discussion.

Forex Beginner Questions and Answers.

How To Get The Best From Forex Factory.

For me, the calendar is by far the most useful function at Forex Factory. I consult it each day in preparation for the next trading session and make sure I run out the market around volatile news releases (flagged by the red icon) and also often times the medium effect records (flagged by the orange icon).

The News function is also beneficial to get a broad overview of market belief. At the same time care is required if you use technical analysis as your main trading device as the comments and opinions of others can in some cases blur your very own analysis and lead to problematic trade entries.

You may have spotted a perfectly good trade setup and the trade is going well. Then as it starts to stall the remarks of a news expert come to mind and you exit prematurely from exactly what could have been a very rewarding trade.

So it is good to see the News fairly and collaborate it with your own technical analysis.

Forums - Be A Little Cautious.

For more recent traders the conversation online forums can be useful in bouncing concepts off various other more recent traders. Among the main benefits is support and inspiration from hearing exactly how others are getting on.

Nonetheless, as to whether you can get good trading tips and methods from the online forums is in my mind a little uncertain.

After I went to a Forex seminar run by a certified professional who trades the Forex every day and is a fund manager, I noted his comment that the actually effective Forex traders rarely have time to go to online forums and take part in conversations. They are too hectic generating income on the Forex!

So as long as you approach forum conversations with the awareness that the majority of participants are also in the discovering phase, you can examine their comments and tips appropriately.

There is no doubt Forex Factory ( offers an excellent group of services for newer Forex traders. Absolutely use the calendar to the full and depending upon your level of experience, utilize the News and Forums functions to acquire a much better point of view of daily market activity.

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