When we have Endometriosis, retrograde cells displace themselves in the hips. They sit on the stomach walls, ovary walls and the pouch of Douglas, among various other places. As our hormonal variations occur within the body, these individual cells react too, triggering them to grow and swell, triggering more pain. Each month, as our cycles go through exactly what they generally do, these cells react. In many cases they establish on or inside the ovaries and when we then ovulate, this can trigger extreme pain.

When we menstruate, the lining within the uterus, naturally breaks off and is urged from the body by the uterus. The body acknowledges that these cells, likewise have to be released from the body and that they are misplaced, which triggers the prostaglandins to develop additional swelling and clotting in the location. Prostaglandins are hormone like compounds that are likewise influenced by the thyroid gland within the body. Prostaglandins impact everything from food digestion to clotting and are essential in our recovering approach to Endometriosis.

When doctors suggest hormonal treatments as a Endometriosis Treatment alternative, they basically are attempting to regulate all these hormonal reactions the body naturally experiences. The concept is to decrease the impact of the retrograde cells and them growing, clotting and triggering even more swelling. Whether you are being advised Lupron, Depo Provera or the Contraceptive Pill, the technique is constantly to either stop ovulation and minimize the level of hormones being launched into the blood stream and with the Pituitary Gland.

Though this approach will attain the results suggested, the side-effects on the body are incredible. The most essential point through this method is that it is just masking the symptoms of Endometriosis and does nothing to efficiently Treating Endometriosis at its root source.

At no point is the question asked regarding why we have hormonal changes or why the body has established an overgrowth of retrograde cells, in the wrong locations in the body. The side-effects and consequences of taking hormone therapies is also not thoroughly thought about with them affecting everything from neurological conditions to heart disease. It is underestimated how much these hormones do within the body and it is ignorant to presume Endometriosis is merely a condition to be fixed within the Uterus within a ladies's body.

I feel this is a really unsafe and potentially life affecting way to manage Endometriosis. There is a much better way of dealing with Endometriosis, that does not mean changing every element of our psyche. It is holistic, natural recovery and allowing the body to discover it's natural balance to recover.

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