Do you wish to lose 20 pounds or faster? If you haven't attempted the Dukan Diet, keep reading this article. Produced by a French physician Pierre Dukan, this diet has produced a stir in France over the last decade and was simply released outside of France.

The Dukan Diet has shown a success in individuals with a little weight to lose and for those who wish to lose a great deal of weight in a hurry. Dr. Dukan keeps in mind that our weight gain is a result of the number of fat cells we have. When we eat way too much, we get to a certain point where the fat cells grow huge enough that if we don't stop the unhealthy cycle, they then divided into 2 developing even more fat cells. This makes weight loss much harder. After working with hundreds of patients, Dr. Dukan developed this diet to assist people with all various body shapes and sizes to be able to lose and preserve weight loss.

The Dukan Diet helps individuals lose weight rapidly because it works to attack the trouble with an intense and limited diet in the beginning, slowly infiltrating something that you can maintain for life. In his ten years working with clients, Dr. Dukan discovered that this worked for individuals who were obese and those who wished to drop a few pounds to get to their ideal weight.

The Dukan diet is broken up into 4 sections or stages: the attack stage, the cruise stage, the consolidation phase and the stabilization phase. The diet isn't simple and needs some discipline but if you do stick with it, you can drop weight rapidly. The Dukan Diet isn't a quick fix strategy - it's a plan for life. Dukan concentrates greatly on upkeep, surviving that critical period where many people gain back any weight they've lost with fast crash diets.

Throughout the attack stage of the diet, you eat just protein. The concentrate on protein looks like the Atkin's plan. Nonetheless, in contrast to the Atkin's plan, this isn't fatty protein with butter and as much fat as you such as. Fat is to be cut off of beef and other meats, skin to be eliminated from the chicken. The attack phase or first portion of the diet can be done for one to ten days, depending upon how much weight you need to lose. To lose more weight quickly, continue this attack first stage of the diet for as long as essential.

The 2nd stage of the Dukan diet is the cruise phase. You will remain to lose weight throughout this stage however not at the rate you did in the first phase. You will be rotating your protein-only days with protein and veggie days. Staying clear of starched veggies is necessary - most green vegetables can be consumed without restriction throughout this duration on vegetable days. During the cruise stage of the Dukan diet, you can expect to lose about 2 pounds each week. You stay in this stage rotating protein and protein/vegetable days till you've reached your weight loss goal. If you wish to reduce weight rapidly, stay in the attack stage for a longer time prior to starting this second phase of the diet. Then, continue the cruise stage until you reach your weight loss objective.

The consolidation phase is the 3rd part of of the Dukan Diet. It is this duration that Dr. Dukan says is the critical period where most dieters acquire back weight they have lost. During this phase, you can include back in limited quantities of breads, cheese, pasta and various other foods you enjoy in moderation. Consume lean protein and veggies every day. You can include in one serving of fruit daily along with restricted sections of entire grains and dairy. Dukan recommends 5 days of this third stage for each pound of weight you have actually lost. You don't remain to drop weight in this phase so if you wanted to lose even more weight. On the Dukan Diet, it is recommended that you do reduced impact workout such as a walk for 25 minutes daily.

The 4th phase or stabilization of the Dukan diet is your upkeep plan for life. In this phase, no foods are prohibited however one day each week, you consume just protein. You won't drop weight doing this but it will help you to keep by balancing out the food throughout the rest of your week. Just like the attack phase, throughout the protein days of the diet, avoid fats and chicken skin and stay clear of sauces.

Does this diet seem like something you could do? If you could lose 20, 30, 40 pounds or even more and keep it for life, it might be worth it right? Dr. Dukan has lots of patients delighted with their weight loss on the Dukan Diet and now that it is offered outside of France, a growing number of people are awakening to the possibility of quick weight loss with lasting outcomes.

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