The Dukan Diet plan has actually been a highly effective strategy in France for a number of years now and has just recently begun getting increasingly more focus in other countries also. I believed it would be interesting to compare it to another popular weight loss strategy, the Diet Solution Program to see which of these is much better for you.

Personal nature of the program

The Dukan Diet has one general approach by which it works. This method is used by everyone who utilizes the program despite their age, gender, and so on. The Diet Solution Program takes a different technique. At the start of the program you take a brief test that identifies your metabolic kind. Then, an individualized eating strategy is suggested to you which is produced your metabolic type. This, according to the program, provides you a much better opportunity to slim down than with a general program.

Protein focus

The Dukan Diet is a high protein program. The focus of the diet is on consuming lots of protein. In fact, throughout the very first 2 phases of the diet (which can last for weeks), you need to have many all protein days, one every other day at the minimum.

The Diet Solution Program does not have this kind of focus on a single nutrient. The eating strategy appears to be more diverse and well balanced.


Both of these plans have favorable reviews from the many people who have actually utilized them. The Dukan Diet has reportedly been utilized by over 1.5 million people so it's the more usual program.


As the Dukan Diet is a book (unless you sign up for among their centers) it's vague whether it's possible to obtain any support for this diet. The Diet Solution Program is an online diet plan so it has an online support system for any concern you might have.

Ease of Use

If you can manage the all protein days, the Dukan Diet can work for you. If not, then you should not utilize it. The Diet Solution Program could be a great alternative for you. As both of these programs have good evaluations, you need to select the one that is best suited for you.

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