Introduction to The Dukan Diet - Is it for you?

A little over 10 years back, nutritionist Dr. Pierre Dukan launched his diet strategy in his house French market. The Dukan Diet Plan ended up being a sensation with millions of French people profiting from a practical and reliable diet system which is really rather special. Now The Dukan Diet plan is readily available in English and is experiencing the same level of success around the world.

However how does The Dukan Diet work? What makes it various? More importantly, is The Dukan Diet plan right for you?

On the face of it, The Dukan Diet offers exactly what could be the dieters' supreme dream. Attain your perfect weight and remain there completely while consuming as much as you like. Not only that, you will eat good, actual, healthy food you will not go hungry, count calories or get burnt out because of constraints. This strategy gets inside the psychology of the obese person and is sympathetic to their desires and needs. Being composed by a Frenchman, the diet likewise acknowledges the satisfactions of eating and taking pleasure in good food. This could easily be referred to as the slimmer's holy grail.

So, exactly how does The Dukan Diet Plan work?

Over years specialising in nutrition and weight management, Pierre Dukan understood that to obtain to an ideal weight, the body has to be re-trained. This can not be attained by a short, crash diet. This requires a long term technique which not only provides immediate outcomes (essential so individuals are encouraged and remain inspired) but also guarantees that weight loss is permanent and stable.

The Dukan Diet is in fact made up of four unique eating plans. These strategies follow on normally from each various other and progressively presenting various foods up until, eventually, you are essentially consuming whatever you like without any limitations whatsoever and you will keep your perfect weight. The linchpin of these strategies is the periods, or days, which is spent eating nothing but protein foods. Do not leap to the conclusion that this is just a re-hash of the Atkins diet, nonetheless. The Dukan Diet plan is very various and a lot more health orientated.

The first stage is called the Attack Stage. This is developed to surprise the body and produce a quick weight loss over a 5 - 10 day period. Throughout this kick-start phase, you eat nothing but protein foods. Foods with as near to pure protein material as possible ... fish, particular meats, poultry, eggs and non-fat dairy products. Throughout this stage a person can expect to see some fast weight loss. As much as 3-4 kilos (7 or 8 pounds) can be lost in the course of less than a week.

The next stage of the Dukan Diet Plan is called the Cruise Stage. This phase lasts far longer and is where you will experience a more progressive weight reduction down to your perfect weight. The amount of time spent in this stage depends upon the amount of weight you need to lose to obtain to your ideal weight or your 'True Weight' as Dukan calls it. Throughout this phase, the dieter alternates in between days consuming simply protein foods and days with proteins and vegetables. Right here the variety of foods permitted is really high and you will find that you will not go hungry or get tired. You will remain to lose weight regularly but a bit even more gradually during this stage.

As soon as you have reached your ideal or true weight, you then move into the Consolidation Phase. Having actually lost the weight you wished to lose, this phase ensures that your body will not rebound and put it all back on again - a common incident with numerous diet strategies. You will not slim down in this stage but you will not gain either. Lots of carbohydrate foods such as pasta and white bread, as well as cheese, can be re-introduced and they phase suggests two 'anything goes' celebration dishes a week. This phase must last for 5 days for each pound you lost on the previous 2 stages. So if you lost 20 pounds (10 Kilos) then you would remain on this plan for 100 days. Simple. This effectively consolidates your weight loss and establishes your brand-new weight as your typical default weight.

Now the very best part of all ...

Once you have actually finished the consolidation stage you are free to enter the last stability phase. Basically eat exactly what you like however follow some basic rules. One is that on one day each week you eat simply protein foods just as you performed in the attack stage. Just one day each week. Second, you need to consume some oat bran every day. Third, you have to do some walking each day and never ever again utilize an elevator and finally, drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water a day. That's it.

Whether this diet benefits you is actually around you. You might have been on not successful diets before which have some of the same elements of The Dukan Diet Plan however it is the combination of the phases which really make a difference.

It is, in my opinion, among the most convenient looking diets to stick to since you can consume as much as you like, the food is healthy food - no dependence on eating loads of fats - and the outcome are permanent. Go for it and never have to go on a miserable diet again!

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