I have recently been detected with type 2 diabetes. This was a bit of a shock given my age, 55, my providing health and the truth that I had no symptoms before being diagnosed, approximately I thought.

When I was diagnosed and before my visit with the diabetes registered nurse, I consume what I thought was healthy food, after all, I did not want to make it worse. Little did I understand that exactly what I thought was healthy was actually increasing my blood sugar level.

I drank the so called wellness alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, energy alcoholic beverages. I cut down my food intake, consume what I thought benefited me. All which was not decreasing my sugar but contributing to it. I decided to make a difference and control this thing called diabetes. I have now lost 18lb in weight, feel so much better and have lots more energy than I have actually had in years.

What can I consume:.

If you have diabetes, your eating strategy will play a major function in your basic wellness because;.

1. It assists regulate your blood glucose levels.

2. Good blood glucose control need to lower the threat of some long term complications.

Do I need to make changes to the method I eat:.

1. Consume regular dishes and try to consume similar amounts of starched foods every day, it's about balance and quantity, not simply what you consume.

2. Reduce fried and fatty foods such as butter, margarine, fatty meat and cheese.

3. Consume lots of high fiber foods. This suggests beans, peas, lentils, veggies, fruit and oat's.

4. Cut down on sugar by selecting reduced sugar foods.

5. Get to the weight that is right for you and try to keep to this.

6. Use less salt.

You could be stating to yourself at this point "This is all common sense" Sadly, common sense is unusual and no one tells us what to search for. So, what should you do now? Below is an explanation of what foods are good and gives a place to begin.

Should you buy special foods?

No, there is no should go out and purchase pricey unique foods for diabetics. Modification the means you cook some foods, modify a few of your components in your recipes and consume less of particular foods. This need to suffice to turn the tide in your direction.

Keep in mind that nobody is anticipated to make extreme modifications over night. To start with, select two or 3 modifications you think are easy. You can always make more modifications in the future once you begin to understand the do's and dont's.

What starched food should I consume?

1. Pasta in small amounts.

2. Rice in moderation.

3. Cereals, high fiber.

4. Bread, multi gain.

5. Potatoes only in small amounts and never ever roasted or chipped.

Fibre is found in vegetables and fruit in addition to oats and pulses. Fibre helps to manage blood glucose levels by reducing the rate at which sugars in food get into the blood, it may also help to reduce cholesterol in the blood. Finally, high fiber foods are more filling and for that reason useful in weight management.

When you eat even more fiber you should drink even more fluids, attempt to drink a minimum of 8 cups each day.


You can control diabetes with a specific diabetes diet. This does not mean you need to cut out all the foods you like, simply customize them. You can still consume alcohol if you wish, still have the treats you like however you need to be aware of the dos and dont's. If you are diabetic I hope this short article has helped, I will be posting more on workout, certain diets and way of life modifications that can assist you control your diabetes.

Diabetes is reaching severe proportions around the world. Many people, like myself, would not even be aware they had diabetes till an emergency situation occurred.

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