Debt settlement is the fastest way to get out of charge card debt for the least amount of cash and avoid bankruptcy.

If you are among the millions of Americans struggling through monetary difficulties today, debt settlement may be your very best choice to be debt complimentary ASAP.

BUT ...

(WARNING: This is a BIG "BUT"...).

Debt Settlement "Nightmares" & Scams Abound ...

THOUSANDS of new business have actually popped up in recent years, flooding the TELEVISION, radio and net with guarantees to "cut your debt in half." The majority of these advertisements are simply creating "leads" to offer to one or several "bad operators" (who will gladly take your money through upfront charges without ever providing on their pledges).

It's gotten ugly as unknown varieties of individuals have seen their monetary hopes become financial problems. In fact, the debt settlement market has actually become so bad, the FTC is stepping in to manage.

Regretfully, for the past few years, over HALF of my individual customers have actually concerned me for financial assistance AFTER failing a debt settlement or credit therapy program (a very different option) since they just made an inadequate choice based on biased or insufficient details given to them from the counselor / consultant / sales representative they "spoke to" prior to enrolling. These shady salesmen are never around after the sale is made to take care of the poor individuals they've sold a bill of goods to, leaving them in worse shape than when they requested for assistance.

Exist Any Good Debt Settlement Companies?

Still, debt settlement IS a legal, ethical and moral option for consumers to get out of debt ASAP, and get your financial future back on track from a hardship scenario. Typically, you are able to settle for 50 % or less of your impressive balance. So it's real, you in fact can "cut your debt in half" - Plus, regular monthly payments are often cut in half during the procedure, enabling consumers to rapidly get out of debt and breathe once more.

I deal with consumers across the country every day to resolve their debt troubles, and refer my customers to debt settlement programs, in addition to credit therapy firms and bankruptcy attorneys nationwide (IF a good, old-fashioned "accelerated pay off" strategy is not an option). I want everyone could get out of debt through a "Total Money Makeover" as Dave Ramsey suggests (who I admire and strongly advise), however the fact remains that numerous Americans are in too much of a monetary hardship to even stay up to date with minimum payments, and paying significantly more than the minimums is merely not possible. If you find yourself in a comparable circumstance with large amounts of credit card debt, please understand you are not alone.

If I can provide anything right here, let it be these three easy "general rules" to assist you stay clear of being another casualty of the many bad debt settlement companies, due to the fact that leaving debt ASAP and getting your cash earning interest for you instead of paying interest is eventually crucial for your monetary future.

3 Quick-Tests to Choose a GOOD Debt Settlement Company and AVOID a Financial Nightmare:.

Below are 3 simple things any consumer with a net connection can do in two-minutes, or less, to prevent most of "bad business" and find a great business "needle" in the debt settlement haystack:.

(Yeah Haw!).

# 1) Time in Business OVER Five Years?

According to the SBA, 90 % of brand-new company FAIL within their very first 5 years. So why would you trust your financial future with a start up? Also, most debt settlement programs are 2-3 YEARS long, and you want to make sure you are with a good business who has a tested track record serving customers all the way through the programs they offer. Stack the deck in your favor and choose a company who has stood the test of time. This will cut out a minimum of one thousand brand-new debt settlement companies; the substantial majority you will see on TV, radio and the web.


Go to and search any business you think about, and inspect their BBB Report for their "Original Business Start Date". If it's less than five years, particularly if it's only a year or more, then STOP considering the business and seek help elsewhere from a company with a tested performance history.

# 2) Excessive BBB Complaints?

Inspect this exact same BBB Report for grievances. A short time in company with a high number of grievances (especially unresolved problems) is a sure sign of a financial nightmare ahead if you enlist with such a company. A great business ought to just have a handful of problems. Hundreds or thousands of grievances is inexcusable and a significant warning that the business regularly fails to satisfy the expectations they set with their customers.

Here's an example of 2 business who pass test # 1, but only one passes test # 2:. has beened around considering that Dec, 2002 with only one single, solved problem in its entire history:.

"D" score due to interested in the industry (because of companies like the one below), not due to any interested in the company itself. Remember is HUGE, with regular nationwide exposure on TELEVISION Talk Shows and News programs.

Credit Solutions has actually beened around almost as long, well over 5 years, however there is a striking difference: their BBB report lists over 1,600 complaints (including unsolved grievances and government actions against the company):.

# 3) Attorney-Based Debt Settlement Program?

The future does NOT look good for NON-attorney based debt settlement programs because, due to the bad operators who have harmed many customers in the last few years, the FTC is stepping in to regulate, as they should. Debt settlement companies who are not running under a certified lawyer are subject to these looming FTC policies, a significant risk to the survival of these business. I would NOT recommend my mother, so I would not advise you either. Rather, pick a debt settlement law firm running under a licensed lawyer due to the fact that they will not be hurt by these inescapable FTC regulations.

Keep in mind About Debt Settlement Fees.

Much can be shared about charges for debt settlement services, which is an additional whole discussion. Simply make sure your payments are NOT going totally to fees throughout the very first X number of months, and keep away from anyone requesting for some type of a large upfront cost. If a company passes the three tests above, then they undoubtedly are offering their customers more than enough value in service and lead to justify whatever charges they are charging, however they could structure the payments. If it were not so, then you would see excessive BBB complaints in time.

Last Thoughts About Debt Settlement ...

By following these 3 easy guidelines, you make sure to quickly find a debt settlement business who has passed the test of time, serving its customers and delivering on its pledges without excessive grievances, lawfully. After helping individuals leave debt through debt settlement and all other debt relief choices for over eight years, this is my best advice to "cut to the chase" with this debt settlement jazz so you too can "cut your debt in half.".

Nevertheless, BEFORE looking for a company to settle your credit card debt, get informed about how credit works and all choices for debt relief to identify if debt settlement is really your lowest choice to get out of debt in the first place.

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