Fasting, by its easiest meaning, is to abstain from food. In its

broader definition, it can indicate to abstain from particular sorts of food.

We need to lead a fasted life - - a life that is not caught up with

providing our flesh everything that it desires. When we fast - - deliberately

denying our bodies & bringing them into subjection, we become sharper

mentally, physically, & spiritually.

There are all sort of quicks. There is a complete fast - -

no food - - no water. (This should be a really short fast or it could be

your last fast, unless you have unique instructions from God.) There

is a water fast, a juice fast, 40-day fast, 21-day fast, etc.

The fast that I 'd such as to focus on is 'The Daniel Fast'.

The Bible, (in Daniel Chapter 1), tells about Daniel & others of the kids of Israel who were captives in Babylon. A few of them, who were attractive, experienced, & quick to understand, were selected & given the king's palace to be taught the language & literature of the Chaldeans.

There was a designated everyday provision of the king's delicacies & wine for these boys. Daniel got favor & was offered the chance, for ten days, to prove that the veggies & water that he & his friends wanted to have, would make them healthier emotionally & physically than the ones that ate the king's fare.

After 10 days, they looked so much healthier than the ones who consumed the king's food, that all of the various other young men needed to consume the means that Daniel & his companions were eating. This has actually been called 'The Daniel Fast'.

Have you ever fasted? When was the last time that you fasted?

Fasting can be extremely cleansing & life-changing - - psychologically, physically & spiritually.

Try a 'Daniel Fast' where you consume just fruits & vegetables for 3 days,.

then 7 days, then 21 days. It will offer your system a chance to.

cleanse & rest itself. Try it! You'll like it!

You will find a new lifestyle. Many importantly, try 'The Life'.

due to the fact that Jesus is 'The Way, The Truth & The Life'. (John 14:6).

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