There are many various methods to lose weight and my weapon of selection has actually constantly been strength training mixed with intermittent fasting. Now, naturally, periodic fasting isn't the only kind of fast to considerably decrease your calorie consumption, however it's simply my personal choice.

Another kind of fasting, spiritual fasting, has generally been made use of to strengthen a person's connection with their religious beliefs and one spiritual fast that I've been particularly interested by concerns the Daniel Fast standards established over a period of time by Christian scholars. While this fast clearly has strong spiritual objectives, I'm not sure that it would be the most effective at developing a lean and muscle appearance with it's lack of protein and overemphasis on whole grains. While that might be the case, it still seems like you can lose a significant quantity of weight while doing so.

Spiritual Background Of The Daniel Diet

The Daniel fast is based from a short verse from the Christian Bible, Daniel 10:2, 3, stating

In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks.

I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till 3 whole weeks were satisfied.

The tale goes that Daniel was once ruled over by Babylonian kings as a servant and throughout his times of service he underwent multiple quicks. From this short verse, a very literal and detox-style diet has actually been established by Christians in order to obtain noticeable weight loss advantages along with a stronger connection with God.

This consuming plan is just a partial fast since individuals will still be eating, however the allowable food kinds are quite restricted. From the verse, there are 4 main conclusions that can be drawn from the speaker's experience that I will information next.

Daniel Fast Instructions To Follow

I consumed no enjoyable food ...

The term "pleasant food" is obviously rather subjective to one's individual tastes, but in this diet's case, Christian development of Daniel fasting has associated this line with a lot of kinds of bread and all sweet items. Unleavened breads are considered all right since they do not contain any yeast, so the safest bread choice has been limited to entire grain bread without any sort of yeast or honey.

... no meat or wine came into my mouth ...

This cut and dry rule plainly recommends that Daniel didn't eat any meat or liquor while on his fast. This line has been reached represent all animal products whether they are the actual meat or products gotten from animals like eggs or milk.

... till 3 entire weeks were fulfilled.

Normally this fast is followed for a total amount of 21 days which's completely great considering you still get to consume as typically as you like. If this were a periodic fast-style strategy, you 'd wish to eat at least 3 dishes a day on the weekends to replenish vitamins, minerals, and necessary protein that could have been displaced during the week.

Brief Daniel Fast Food List

I like this subheading right here because it virtually leads you to believe that Daniel was consuming "convenience food" during the time of that verse. It's a ridiculous joke, I understand, but in all seriousness, there are some really specific things that you can and can not eat while following the Daniel Fast guidelines.

What You Can Eat


Entire grains

Nuts and seeds








Natural herbs and flavors

What You Can Not Eat

Any meat or animal products

Dairy items

Actual or artificial sweeteners

Bread including yeast or honey (unleavened).

Processed foods.

Deep fried foods.

Strong fats.

Any drinks that are not water (Tea is an exception).

Are The Daniel Fast Guidelines Good For Becoming Lean And Muscular?

If you discover from the food list, it would be extremely hard to eat almost as much protein as you did before undergoing this kind of fast. That suggests the opportunities of muscle wear and tear during the method are really high which's why I wouldn't recommend this fast for somebody that's simply doing it for the body-fat reduction benefits.

Of course, this is a more religious-based fast than anything and is commonly utilized to produce even more enduring connections between Christian fans and God. The weight loss that would be obtained by the end could still be rather dramatic leaving your body feeling extremely refreshed and full of energy, however if muscle preservation is an equally crucial goal, you could want to alter this method or attempt an additional tactic completely.

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