I am now entering into my 4th year of teaching individuals about the Daniel Fast, an approach of spiritual fasting practiced by millions of individuals throughout the world. Over the years, I've answered actually thousands of questions about the Daniel Fast and God has actually blessed me to make pals with men and women from even more nations than I can count.

One point I've observed is that lots of people have a severe misconception regarding why they fast. And the greatest misunderstanding is that God will think of them as "better Christians" or accept them more readily if they finish an effective Daniel Fast.

But below's the fact ... you will not change God's mind about you with prayer and fasting. The only thing that changes God's mind about you - or I need to say the only thing that will change your position with God - is Jesus Christ. Because you believe in Christ and abide in Him and His word ... that's what makes you acceptable to God. Jesus makes you righteous and able to become part of the presence of the Holiest of Holy. The sacrificial blood of the Jesus did all the work that you will ever need to be acceptable to God.

An additional misconstruing about fasting is that we can alter God's mind by praying more challenging or more faithfully when we fast - as if we need to counsel God so He can make the right choice about a matter.

Dear siblings and sis in Christ, God significantly desires His will be to "on earth as it is in paradise." He wants the best for you and everyone in your household. He desires you healed. He wants you free of fear and anxiety over money matters. He desires you to have loving and healthy relationships. His Word is full of what He wants - His will for you and for me and for all of humankind.

We don't have to persuade God or notify Him or guide Him. Instead, it's the other way around. God is eager to shower you with love, recovery, peace and goodness. He is good! He is love.

So exactly what are the spiritual laws that God created so that His will can be done on earth as it is in paradise?

It's prayer. Prayers from God's people serve as an avenue to launch His will from the spiritual world into the earth world. Prayer is the essential element.

Among my favorite Bible instructors likens this spiritual law to a power plant. The power plant exists and excited to release its power to whatever requires it. So let's state you have a light bulb that you want to utilize to manifest light. The nuclear power plant is where it prepares to launch electrical power. The light bulb is with you prepared to get the power. However there is a missing part ... the conduit - the wires. Once the right wires are in location the nuclear power plant can launch the power - and the light bulb can get it.

The exact same is with our fantastic Father. He is in heaven full of power, love, mercy and grace. His will is to have His power released in the earth to ease worries, bring order to turmoil, recover the brokenhearted, eliminate illness therefore far more. But before His power can be launched there has to be the avenue - men and women proclaiming His will with their prayers. Intercessors are required to stand in the space for those who cannot pray for themselves. Prayer warriors should voice the will of God for the demands in our world.

Prayer taps into the power plant - the almighty God in heaven - and enables Him to release His power and His means into the earth realm - His will on earth as it is in paradise.

So prayer and fasting is a period of time where God's kids can separate themselves from their typical activities and concentrate on God and pray that His will be released in the earth. Jesus states in Mark 11:24, "Therefore I state to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, think that you receive them, and you will have them." Notice all the aspects? Prayers to paradise - the requirement on earth - the release of God's power.

Enter a time of prayer and fasting making use of the Daniel Fast as your method of fasting ... research study God's Word to discover His will for a scenario ... and afterwards use your consecrated time period to pray His will into the situations! He already understands everything you require. He's the almighty God. He does not require us to notify Him or encourage Him or move Him.

Instead, God requires you! He needs you to pray ... and in some cases prayer has to be extreme and focused ... and that's when it's time for a fast! Fasting was made by God to help us change exactly what we're performing in our normal days so we can pray that His will be done - on earth as it is in heaven.

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