Are you new to spiritual fasting? Are you considering this effective spiritual discipline for your faith walk?

I've used spiritual fasting numerous times over my 30+ years as a Christian, consisting of numerous times of partial fasting utilizing the Daniel Fast. I started discussing the benefits of fasting back in December 2007. Exactly what I didn't know is that hundreds of other followers of Jesus Christ are now taking part in the effective discipline of prayer and fasting. And numerous have selected the Daniel Fast for a prolonged fasting method. But now they should know exactly what to do. What foods are okay, and which ones must be gotten rid of throughout the Daniel Fast?

A partial list of foods for the Daniel Fast had been released in Elmer L. Town's book titled Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough. But while the list was valuable, it wasn't complete. Consequently, those who really wished to do the Daniel Fast with stability had great deals of questions. The new Daniel Fast blog site seemed the natural place to get their answers.

After answering hundreds and hundreds of questions, I chose to rewrite the food list to make it more full. It didn't change the practice at all. It just was more extensive and got rid of almost all the concerns on people's minds about exactly what they can and could not eat during the Daniel Fast.

So if you have concerns now, I motivate you to have a look at the Daniel Fast Blog (see the link at the end of this post) and my assumption is that the majority of your concerns will be answered. If you still have a question, feel free to ask by leaving a comment.

But there are some concerns that still seem to leave individuals scraping their heads! So I will note the 5 most frequently asked questions about the Daniel Fast.

1. Honey is a natural food, so can I utilize it as a sweetener on the Daniel Fast? No, all sweeteners are not enabled on the Daniel Fast. In Daniel 10, the prophet notes that "he consumed no priceless food, ate no meat, and consume no wine." Honey would have been thought about precious during that time. Also, going without sweet foods belongs to the fasting experience of withholding food for spiritual functions.

2. Can I consume tea on the Daniel Fast? No, tea and coffee (consisting of any type of alternatives) are not enabled on the Daniel Fast. For the purists, water is the only appropriate refreshment, while some individuals consume 100 % fruit and/or veggie juice. It's most likely that Daniel drank only water.

3. What about individuals with unique nutritional requirements. How do they do the Daniel Fast? Teenagers, women who are pregnant, diabetics, athletes and others who might need unique diets ought to contact their health service providers prior to beginning any fast, including the Daniel Fast. But many wellness suppliers will discover the Daniel Fast an outstanding way to consume because it includes all veggies, all fruits, all entire grains, no sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine, and no animal products. You might be instructed to include chicken or fish into the mix, which would be great for an unique requirements diet. Remember, there is no power in the foods themselves, but rather fasting is consecrating yourself to the Lord so that you can focus on Him in a more certain and focused means. So if your wellness provider wants you to add animal protein into the diet, then you can still have an effective fast.

4. How about corn chips and tortillas? When you review the blog, you will find that I am continuously motivating individuals to READ THE LABEL so they can see the active ingredients in the ready foods. I was amazed the first time I reviewed the list of chemicals in prepared tortillas! Corn chips are normally deep fried and all deep fried and processed foods are not permitted during the Daniel Fast. However, there is a dish on the blog for natural tortillas and it's easy to use this very same dish to make your own chips. The tortillas are made from entire wheat flour, olive oil, salt and water. You can easily substitute finely ground cornmeal. The tortillas are then "fried" in a dry pan with little or no oil.

5. What about crowdeding in my legs and in my tummy? If cramping persists and you sense a concern, make certain to contact your wellness expert. The cramping is most likely a symptom of your body detoxing! The typical diet is packed with sugar, caffeine, and chemicals. So when these are eliminated, the body is a little baffled and responds with cramps. The very best remedy is to consume lots of water (the best detox there is), increase your vitamin C, and consume extra bananas and cantaloupe up until the crowdeding subsides. This generally ends in a couple of days. Headaches are also extremely common, usually a sign of caffeine withdrawal.

If you have other concerns, visit The Daniel Fast Blog (see link below). The majority of your questions will be answered, plus you will gain wonderful encouragement as you check out comments from thousands of other men and females around the world who are seeking God with prayer and fasting! If you still have a question, but sure to just leave a comment and usually you will get and respond to within 24 hours.

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