Constipation arises when a regularity of defecating or passing stool minimizes to less than is comfortable. While constipated, a person passes tough stool, feels trouble in passing stools with the sense of incomplete emptiness.

There are different reasons for each type of constipation. Constipation can be replaced with diarrhea. This option occurs as a part of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Often, constipation becomes so disruptive, that a person is incapable to pass stool for as long as a week. This condition occurs when stool hardens in the anus and combats the passage of the stool.

Signs of Constipation

Passing of dry, small and tough stool

Difficulty during passing stool


Pain during passing stool

Optimum of three defecation in a week

In severe cases, you may not have a bowel movement for longer periods of time

In Severe Cases of Constipation You Can Experience:.



Loss of Appetite.

Foul Breath.


Coated Tongue.


Pain in lumber areas.

Ulcers in mouth.



Dark circles under the eyes.

Pimples on face.

Causes of Constipation:.

Unhealthy eating habits.

Irregular or absence of workout.

Hormonal conditions: During the absence of thyroid hormone and boost in parathyroid can cause constipation. During pregnancy likewise constipation takes place due to high level of progesterone and oestrogen levels. In women, constipation likewise happens during their menstrual durations.

Use of laxatives: Use of certain medicines like codeine, oxycodone, antidepressants, use of castor oil and particular natural herbs can cause constipation.

Treatments for Constipation:.

Follow the healthy diet routine pattern. Consume great deals of fresh fruits, fresh veggies and fiber.

Exercise frequently.

Drink a lot of water and fluids, so that body remains hydrated for the digestive system to work naturally.

Use of particular laxative in extreme cases assists in alleviating constipation. Physician appointment is highly suggested before taking any medication as medication can trigger side effects likewise. The medicines should be made use of for the shorter period of time. Prolong use of medication can make dependent and it ends up being very hard for our digestion system to clean the waste naturally.

Avoid making use of foods that triggers constipation, like dry beans, fried foods, milk and milk items, cauliflower, cabbage, red meat, and so on

. Corn syrup combineded with some quantity of water can be an effective treatment for the baby constipation.

Use of sugar in fluid can serve as a natural cure for constipation.

Use of Aloe Vera, and/or apple pectin assists in regular defecation because of its fiber material.

Use of Triphala with a milk or luke warm water throughout bed time is of vital use.

Hadar herbs, which are thought about finest for normal bowel movement. For a proper diagnose you should consult your doctor, prior to treating constipation by yourself. Your doctor will run a test to discover if there is any medical reason for the constipation or it takes place due to the your habits and life style.

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