The tough or irregular or irregular defecation for substantial period is called constipation, healthy habits and easy remedies can supply efficient and permanent treatment to the trouble. Avoiding a defecation sometimes is not constipation or neither is absence of day-to-day bowel movement, as long as the death of feces is easy and straining and feces are not difficult. Frequency of defecation is identified by digestion whereas constipation is determined in the colon which accountables for eliminating stool.

There are lots of kinds of constipation which are identified according to the reasons causing it. Some people experience periodic constipation which can be caused by many reasons, age related constipation is natural, pregnant females likewise experience constipation which is mostly due to hormone, nutritional and physical modifications, some people experience constipation after traveling and most bothersome is chronic constipation which appears to come and go without any reason. The solutions can supply option to all sorts of constipation and also irreversible cure to the issue.

There are lots of factors which accountable for starting constipation and to get efficient and long-term treatment one needs to focus on all the causes to determine the real reason for the issue. Diet, lack of exercise, medications, way of living, consuming routines, sleeping practices, anxiety, mixed or contradictory foods, suppressing the urge for defecation, irritable bowel syndrome and illness are few elements which can advertise constipation. Various other health related problems like windiness, acid indigestion, and acidity can likewise aggravate the issue.

There are lots of basic remedies which can cure the issue caused due to any of the above reasons, constipation caused due to medicines can be cured by changing the troubling medication on doctor's suggestions and constipation happening due to any trouble or disease can subside in addition to the significant problem. Use of ginger in the diet or as an ingredient in the tea or salad can assist in curing numerous belly related concerns consisting of constipation really effectively.

Consuming 6-8 raisins every day after boiling, crushing and straining likewise helps profoundly in smooth bowel movement. Consuming a tsp of honey with lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning is an additional old solution to effectively alleviate constipation and this can be handled routine basis to obtain permanent cure. Moderate massage of lukewarm mustard oil before going to bed around naval also assists in smooth bowel movement.

Among fruits bael fruit supplies one of the finest solutions for constipation, it is thought that routine use of this fruit can flush out the oldest built up fecal matter in the excretory system. Minimum 60 gm of fruit in the raw form will be consumed prior to supper on regular basis for a reliable and long-term cure of constipation. All various other fruits except banana and jack fruit likewise assist in smoothening bowel movement.

Adequate water consumption, physical motion, exercises and avoiding strong tea, coffee and liquor are good encouraging routines for dealing with constipation. Spicy and fried foods and foods unbearable to the digestion system shall also be strictly stayed clear of for fast relief.

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