The IRS is really strict on payroll tax and the deductions associated with it. Even a little miscalculation can land a company in severe trouble with this regulatory authority. So, it is very important to keep mindful records of payroll accounts in a company.

The primary step to computing payroll tax is getting each and staff member to fill the W-4 form from the Internal Revenue Service. This form aims to calculate the payroll tax depending upon the marital status of a worker and the number of dependants. Considering that a lot of states have payroll structures that are based on the federal system formulated by the IRS, this kind helps organizations calculate the payroll tax withholding for both federal and state governments.

Currently, the social security tax withheld from an employee's salaries is determined as 6.2 % of overall salary. This exact same quantity needs to be contributed by the employer, and added to the payroll account of the company. The wage base for this tax is $76,000 dollars a year, beyond that, taxes need not be deducted from the worker. The same procedure is followed for Medicare taxes, computed at 1.45 % of the workers' income. There is no wage base for Medicare taxes, and the staff member and the employer goes on paying the tax independent of the wage of the worker. The Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA) is likewise calculated at 6.2 %, however a company can take credit up to 5.4 %. The FUTA wage base is $7,000 dollars; a staff member whose wages exceed this quantity in a year, stops paying FUTA taxes that year. The same rules are applicable to State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA) also.

These estimations and reductions have to be done accurately to prevent any confusion. Each company must have a payroll account to that these deductions are moved to and paid to the state and central governments at the end of the year.

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