An additional diet program that is making the rounds in the American weight loss circles is the cabbage soup diet.

If you have been attempting to reduce weight for a long time, you could have stumbled upon the Cabbage Soup Diet. This easy to follow diet is a radical weight loss diet which declares that the more low-calorie cabbage soup you take control a period of 7 days, the even more weight you will lose. In fact, this diet declares that you will see extreme weight loss of about 10 pounds within 7 days.

The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan, or Mayo Clinic diet as it is also understood, is a 7 day diet that is based on consuming cabbage soup.

The strategy calls for eating any amounts of cabbage soup you would like throughout the day. Why? Since there are few calories in a bowl of cabbage soup.

Things to Avoid

1. All dishes ought to be broiled, baked or boiled. No fried meals for the duration of the diet.

2. Avoid alcohol, bread and various other carbonated alcoholic beverages that accelerate weight gain.

Things to be kept in mind

The Cabbage Soup Diet is complete healthy veggies and fruit, and is extremely reduced in fat, but to stress once again: This diet is for one week only.

The cabbage soup diet is too low in complex carbs, protein, minerals and vitamins to continue for a long period of time. You need to resume regular eating patterns for a minimum of two weeks before trying it once more.

1. Follow the diet EXACTLY - if you don't, then it wont work

2. Alcoholic beverage a minimum of 4 - 6 glasses of water daily

3. Keep motivated! - Keep in mind that it's just for 7 days

4. Suit the diet with a multivitamin and mineral tablet

5. Consume lots of soup - as much as you want! If you dislike the soup use over the counter tablets

The cabbage soup diet is among the most effective ways to kick start a weight loss program.

It provides quick outcomes and although not easy, dieters know they only need to do it for seven days and can have a break prior to resuming if essential.

Finally, it provides a lot of motivation to keep losing weight, once quick weight loss has actually been achieved.


Will it work? Absolutely. If your daily intake is restricted to cabbage soup and some fruit, rice, etc, you will slim down. And thats the appeal right here. It's a fast weight loss plan for the short term.

Naturally, it is constantly recommended for you to consult your doctor before following this diet. Personally I think that this diet can be counter productive. Since the diet would force your body to enter into slower metabolic process, it would then urge your body to hang on to your fat reserves. In the end, you may be just postponing your weight loss strategy.

Because of this, dieters often make use of the cabbage soup diet if they have to drop weight fast. In fact, many people use the program to get into shape prior to they register in a long term diet program. Some get into the cabbage soup diet program when they need to lose extra pounds for a special occasion.

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