Through the benefits of endoscopic breast augmentation (The Endo Aug), women in Las Vegas, Nevada are now able to achieve the breast appearance objectives they have constantly desired, without the disadvantages of scars and lengthened recovery times.

"I provide endoscopic breast augmentations (The Endo Aug) so that my clients can fret less about marks and recovery, and more about the terrific outcomes they will see," says Dr. Cambeiro in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Endoscopic breast augmentation (The Endo Aug) is a fairly brand-new breast augmentation strategy that is presently only offered by top cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Cambeiro is currently the only cosmetic surgeon in the Las Vegas, Nevada location to provide patients with endoscopic breast augmentation He was likewise voted Las Vegas Top Doc in cosmetic surgery.

Although breast augmentation is one of the most typical types of cosmetic surgery carried out in the United States ladies have many issues when choosing to have their busts enlarged. Among the largest concerns women have when deciding on breast augmentation is the appearance of scars after their surgical treatment.

In the past, breast augmentation surgery was carried out through cuts made either around the areola or in the inframammary fold. Often times, this developed marks on the breast, which interfered with the total outcomes.

Now, doctors like Dr. Cambeiro in Las Vegas, Nevada do endoscopic breast augmentations (The Endo Aug). Endoscopic breast enhancement (The Endo Aug) result in much fewer visible marks, and the recovery time in lots of clients is less than regular breast augmentation clients.

Endoscopic breast enhancement are performed with using an endoscope, a small, lighted video camera that produces images of the breast augmentation location with a cut made in the armpit.

During an endoscopic breast augmentation procedure, a very small laceration is made in the underarm. Then, the endoscope and surgical gadgets are inserted and fed to the breast augmentation website. Video of what is taking place is displayed on a screen so that the cosmetic surgeon can complete the breast augmentation treatment.

Considering that the cosmetic surgeon is able to see the area on which they are carrying out the surgery, they are much better able to put the breast implant, and develop a pocket that will minimize capsular contracture and create a more visual breast augmentation.

If you are thinking about breast augmentation, contact a plastic surgeon in your area to learn if they offer endoscopic breast augmentation.

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