Every person has its own character. Some individuals are introvert and others are extrovert, some are really neurotic and others not. Character is unparalleled in everyone as there are not 2 persons alike. In some cases character has some traits that make it impossible to operate properly in society. When this holds true we typically speak of personality disorders.

It is weird to state that when you are a psychologist you will give every person you meet a mini-diagnoses. You do not do this on purpose, it is instinctively looking at everybody you fulfill how the individual is and what characteristics he has. When you work at a baby room house this will not work at all as most individuals have some characteristics that make it difficult to operate. Many senior also have a plethora of disorders. This makes it very hard to detect some one with just one disorder.

Although personality disorders are very typical in middle aged people, they are not that often detected in a nursery home. This is most likely so due to the fact that a doctor will most likely look at a kidney breakdown than at somebody his character. However, there is one sort of personality disorder that is not most likely to miss and that one is the Borderline Personality disorder.

You can quickly acknowledge someone with Borderline personality disorder as these persons are very good in claiming your attention on a passive aggressive way. They know effectively the best ways to control you and others and because way get as much focus as required. Dealing with these disorders is very hard as an individual with borderline is not able to understand feelings of others.

The very best way in taking care of borderline personality disorder is by offering a lot of structure to the individual. Always tell what the policies are which everybody should stick to the policies. A borderlines will try to find the edge and it is best to plainly specify those borders.

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