Are you a bookkeeper or accountant that would like to work from home?

If so, continue reading due to the fact that I was in your shoes not so long back. I made a successful transition from working at a $10 / hour bookkeeping job to running a successful bookkeeping company in your home and making $45 / hour and much more.

I was doing bookkeeping and bookkeeping jobs for an employer Monday with Friday and I hated it.

For one point, my employers did not pay me what I was worth (a good bookkeeper or accountant is worth a lot!).

Plus I wanted to have the ability to raise my kids myself and not drop them off at daycare. So I began exploring how I could take my bookkeeping abilities and begin my own business.

Exactly what I quickly found out is that there are literally countless small business owners that are in desperate requirement of a bookkeeper.

Why are small businesses so needy for us freelance bookkeepers?

You see, small business owners should concentrate on exactly what will bring in income to their business. So if the small business owner is a landscaper, they have to be doing landscaping to bring in profits. When the landscaper does the bookkeeping for their small company it removes from the time they could be dealing with the profitable part of their business so the majority of small business owners tend to ignore their recordkeeping. In addition the landscaper is normally not skilled at bookkeeping or bookkeeping so they lose a lot of time dabbling things that not just frustrates them however likewise causes them to lose money they could be making if they were focusing on what brings in the earnings.

In my research when I initially began my house bookkeeping company, I found lots of outstanding entrepreneurial small company owners that were extremely hungry for my services and happy to pay me to do exactly what they hated doing. When I did their bookkeeping it freed them approximately do exactly what they enjoyed and that developed higher income for them. It was a win - win situation for them and for me and an extremely rewarding one at that!

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