Are you a binge eater? Are you terrified you might be suffering from Binge Eating Disorder?

Listed below are 8 typical symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder.

Bear in mind that all binge eaters are various so not all the symptoms listed might apply.

A binge eater tends to:.

1) consume an unusually big amount of food at one sitting - eating way past the point of comfortable and in some cases eating to the point of pain from stuffing down a lot food.

2) consume great deals of food when they are not starving.

3) eat rapidly and not actually extensively chew the food - not savoring the food in any way.

4) consume alone throughout a binge so that no person can see simply just how much food they are shoveling down.

5) hide food wrappers or any evidence of food that has been eaten so others will not know how much was consumed.

6) feel manic or frenzied about bingeing - may feel like bingeing is caused by psychological pressure however have no concept why.

7) feel bad after a binge - generally disgusted with themselves, and often depressed or guilty about the absence of self control.

8) feel ill after the binge and commonly sluggish - almost in a daze of tingling.

Now a few of those 8 signs noted above could not appear that much different from an overeater.

Bingeing is way different than overindulging.

Overindulging is normally a periodic incident of overdoing it with food - like people tend to do on an unique occasion or holiday meal.

Binge Eating Disorder is more about an individual having little control over what, when and how much food she puts into her body at one sitting.

When I started to deal for the first time with my binge eating I did not even recognize that my out of control behavior with food was a real eating disorder. I simply thought it was lack of self control and I beat myself up psychologically every day for not having it together when it pertained to food.

Now given that recovering from binge eating disorder I can inform you it is a legitimate disorder. It is not just an absence of self discipline. In fact many binge eaters are some of the most disciplined individuals in the world. They usually get great grades, are reputable, loyal, have great tasks and are upstanding members of society.

There is hope and recuperation from binge eating. I have actually been free from binge eating for many years and my life is not fixated food. I am at a slim healthy weight and my life and health are growing in a positive direction.

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