Below are the 5 telltale signals that let you understand if you really experience Binge Eating Disorder and food dependency.

1) The first indication of Binge Eating Disorder is when your life focuses on food, weight and weight loss. You seem like food is all you can think about. You go from diet to diet plan hoping to discover just the right one but you never discover ways to stop binge eating on any of these diet plans since diet plans cause starvation which in turn brings you right back to bingeing.

2) The second sign of this disorder is when you feel so embarrassed and ashamed about the amount of food you consume that you consume most of your "goodies" in private. You just don't desire other individuals to understand how much you actually consume.

3) The 3rd indicator of the disorder is that your weight changes significantly based on whether you are dieting or whether you are bingeing. There are many individuals who are overweight and eat too much however they virtually stay around the exact same weight for many years. People who are aiming to end food addiction and want to find out the best ways to stop binge eating, are those who are sick and fed up with gaining and losing hundreds of pounds over the years and have a closet filled with clothing of lots of various sizes.

4) The fourth indicator of this disorder is that you eat large quantities of food whether you are hungry or not and feel unable to manage the amount you consume.

5) The 5th indication of the disorder is that you participate in bingeing habits although you know the outcome has actually led you to feel horrible both physically and mentally, but at the time you wish to binge, you do not appear to appreciate the outcome. You feel forced to take part in the habits.

All the indications of Binge Eating Disorder show an absence of control and an absence of mental awareness. In order to put an end to your food addiction, you have to end up being cautious of your actions and actually be awake at the plate. Binge eaters and those wanting to end food addiction feel hopeless to find a way out of the insane life of this addiction. I for one know exactly what it's like after investing 45 years living the secretive life of a binge eater. Once I identified an easy method to end food dependency for myself, I began sharing my secrets with others who wished to find out the best ways to stop binge eating and the outcomes have been absolutely nothing short of amazing.

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