Many people have actually hurt our backs when we were raising or moving something that was heavier than our muscles were accustomed to. We inadvertently strained our muscles, which can take a long time to recover if the injury was extreme enough.

But there are ways we can avoid these sort of injuries in the future:.

- Always lift with your knees-- Instead of thinking of lifting things with your arms and your upper body, concentrate on your knees and legs when you raise something heavy. The larger muscles in your lower body can more quickly adjust to heavier weights.

- Be sure to push instead of pull-- If you have to move something that's heavy, be sure to push the object (if you can) instead of draw it. Because pushing uses more lower body strength, you will minimize the anxiety on your back and neck.

- Hold in your abdominals-- Whenever you are raising or moving something, be sure to pull in your stomach muscles to safeguard your back. It will help if you take in a deep breath as you do so.

- Get assistance-- Instead of raising something that you should not be raising, possibly you ought to ask a good friend to help you lighten the weight on your back and your body.

- Avoid turning as you raise-- When raising something heavy, make sure to move up and down in a straight line. This will help you protect the smaller muscles and ligaments in your back.

- Hold the item close you-- Instead of holding something far away, be sure to hold the product more detailed to your body, it helps to create a healthier balance.

- Never ever lift anything above shoulder level-- You aren't as stabilized at this height and you can trigger a bunch of damage to your back.

As you choose that you should move something heavier, you have to develop a plan for how you will move it BEFORE you begin to raise. This will help you plan for any troubles and choose whether you should get more help than you could have on hand.

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