Given that your back and neck are supported by the muscles in your body, it only makes good sense that the more powerful those muscles are, the most likely they will support your body and avoid back and neck pain.

To support your lower back, you will want to focus on stomach training. A simple stomach exercise ought to consist of workouts for each of the significant muscle groups:.

Upper Abs-- Basic crunches.

- Lay on your back with your hands crossed on your chest.

- Place your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent.

- Slowly lift your chest up towards the ceiling, keeping your chin indicated the ceiling.

- Lift a couple of inches from the ground, hold for a second then lower slowly to the ground.

Lower Abs-- Reverse crunches.

- Lay on your back your arms at your sides.

- Lift your upper hands with your knees bent and feet off the floor.

- Focusing on your lower abs, lift your butts off the floor gradually, keeping the rest of your body in place.

- Slowly lower down.

Oblique Muscles-- Side crunches.

- Lay on your right side with your knees bent.

- Support your head with your right arm and bring the left hand to your head.

- Crunch toward your legs with the left leg, making use of the left elbow to guide the movement, lower down.

- Switch sides.

You can duplicate these exercises day-to-day or every other day to assist increase your stomach strength and hence reduce your back pain.

The More Walking the Better.

One of the very best workouts for a healthy back and neck is to get outside and stroll more.

Because our bodies fall into a more natural posture when we stroll, this will help you enhance your entire body and allow for much better support of any weak muscles in your core.

Try walking the suggested 10,000 actions a day by purchasing a pedometer and charting your development. The more active you are, the more strength you are providing to your back-- and those are all steps in the right instructions.

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