While most of treatment for lower back pain is non-surgical, there are some conditions for which surgery is appropriate. As well, in some rare cases, surgical treatment can be used to treat chronic back pain for which other treatments have failed.

In a laminectomy, part of the lamina, a portion of the bone on the back of the vertebrae, is eliminated. It can be made use of to treat herniated discs and spine stenosis. In microdiscectomy a much smaller sized laceration is made and the doctor uses a multiplying lens to locate the disc.

The smaller cut might reduce pain and the interruption of tissues, and it reduces the size of the medical mark.

With a laser discectomy, a laser is made use of to evaporate the cells in the disc, reducing its size and easing pressure on the nerves.

Spinal fusion might be used to deal with spondylolisthesis and degenerative disc illness. In spinal fusion, two or even more vertebrae are joined together making use of bone grafts, screws, and rods. The fused area of the spine becomes immobilized.

Vertebral fractures can be caused by trauma or by osteoporosis. A vertebroplasty injects a cement-like blend called polymethyacrylate into the fractured vertebra to support the spine. Kyphoplasty inserts a balloon gadget to help bring back the height and shape of the spinal column prior to injecting polymethyacrylate to repair the fractured vertebra.

Disc replacement surgery can now be done in cases where the disc is seriously damaged. Right here the disc is just gotten rid of and changed with a synthetic disc.

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