Acid reflux in children can be an actual trouble for the parents, especially the very first time parents. It is pathetic to see the infants who do not know any other way to connect their discomfort but to cry inconsolably. Acid reflux symptoms in children are not as clear as they are in grownups and it may be tough to detect.

Acid reflux in infants usually happens after feed. The components of the stomach are refluxed back and the baby could spit up or vomit. So, how does one conclude that the spitting up is due to acid reflux and not any various other problem? Let us very first look at the signs of acid reflux condition.

Acid reflux is a typical trouble in babies. More than 50 % of the children experience acid reflux symptoms during the very first 3 months of age. The symptoms go away by themselves after 12-18 months period as the children' sphincter valve establishes totally and boosts.

Signs of Acid reflux Problem in Babies

In case of young infants, acid reflux is also known as "spitting - up". Thus if your child spits up after every feed, then he is more likely to have acid reflux. In addition to this, there can be problems in feeding; some children usually arch their back while attempting to prevent feeds. In persistent cases of acid reflux issue in infants, there is no weight gain. Likewise the baby could pass blood in stool or vomit brown or green colored liquid. While simpler cases of acid reflux can be managed easily, persistent acid reflux needs immediate clinical attention.

Acid reflux happens due to the unwinded lower esophageal sphincter muscle. In case of infants, these muscles may not be completely established triggering the acid reflux issue. When the baby feeds, the stomach extends and the sphincter valve opens to pass the contents as vomit into the food pipeline. In adults, acid reflux trouble causes serious heartburn and chest discomfort. Nevertheless, in case of infants there is no evidence of the incident of heart burn.

As talked about earlier, acid reflux trouble is common in infants but with a little bit of care and understanding, moms and dads can overcome this trouble. Also the babies with acid reflux problem will have poor sleeping practices and difficulties in sleeping. They could awaken several times before sleeping. It is difficult to deal with a youngster with acid reflux and the parents can be completely exhausted.

However, some babies take the acid reflux trouble in their stride and are happy spitters. They stay rather pleased and pleased even when dressed in spit from top to bottom !!!

Preventive Measures for Acid Reflux Problems in Babies

With a little safety measure and preventive measures, parents might get rid of the acid reflux trouble in children. It is a good idea to keep the children in upright position a minimum of 30 minutes after feeds. Even when setting the baby in the bed, it should be made sure that there head remains inclined at an angle of 30 degrees.

The baby should be offered smaller sized and frequent feeds integrated with burping between the feeds. Overfeeding can result in acid reflux and spitting. Likewise while making the child burp, he needs to be held in such a position that there is no pressure on the tummy. In addition to this, infants with acid reflux problems should be made to use lighter clothing that are not tight near the tummy and waist area. The breast feeding mothers should eat easy and healthy diet and must stay clear of heavy and spicy foods.

In many cases, blending rice grains with formula may reduce the acid reflux troubles in children. If the baby is on bust feed, then the mom can express the milk in a feeding bottle before blending rice cereal.

Final word for Acid Reflux Suffering Babies

The final word is to the moms and dads of the babies, who suffer from acid reflux disease. Acid reflux is a common issue and the moms and dads need to not stress exceedingly about it. As the child grows, this problem goes off on its own in the majority of the cases. In chronic cases just medications are needed.

The parents should be aware of the symptoms of acid reflux and take proper safety measures. Lastly, with loads of persistence, love and understanding, they can handle the acid reflux problem in a better means.

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