I was absolutely stunned to find out that more than 10 % of school age children are being detected with ADD/ADHD. What is triggering this? What has changed? Is it too much TELEVISION, or computers, or fast food suppers due to both moms and dads working? Is the medical diagnosis the result of improper diets for ADHD? What has to take place to alter these numbers? Some researchers recommend it's as easy as an allergy and a change in the diet for ADHD sufferers, one that leaves out specific foods is the treatment. After years of investigating, I agree. I discovered a restrictive diet for ADHD, combined with natural remedies and foods, to be among the best answers to this behavior trouble. It has shown successful in my household, and I am certain an ADHD diet can work marvels for you.

Drugs Are Not Always the Answer

Society today is all about fast, pleasure principle. We anticipate it in all areas of our lives, from food preparation and diet to heal our ills. If we feel a pain, we take a capsule, often forgetting that pain (or acting out) is nature's method of telling us something isn't working correctly. We have actually ended up being an over-medicated society. Just look at the size of drugstores today! And the ADHD diet appears to be paying a cost.

When the very first therapy of selection recommended for the ADHD child by schools and the med profession is a daily medicine program (for children too young to even take aspirin), I need to ask ... Is this the right way to go? Is it the best way to help your kid? Or is it simply 'simple'? It makes the kid compliant, but is that our goal? And can you manage it? What will the expense be; to your kid's psychological and physical growth? And to your wallet? Why rule out a various approach?. Why not look at the ADHD's diet?

There are alternative choices. One such alternative is a restorative diet for ADHD, in mix with natural dietary supplements, a modification in way of living and environment, and we now support the specific as a whole, not simply treat the symptom.


This behavior disorder, ADD/ADHD, is reasonably brand-new, not being recognized as a problem until the mid 1950's. Remarkably, this corresponds to the time when we began putting preservatives into commercially produced foods to make our lives easier and the foods last longer on the establishment racks. We started including color and artificial tastes to make them more appealing, specifically to kids ... how about Fruit loops? Exactly what has all of this done to the diet for ADHD children and adults?


1940"s - TODAY

White toothpaste - multi-colored tooth paste, maybe with glimmers

Oat meal - Sea Treasures Instant Oatmeal turns milk blue

Corn flakes - Fruity Pebbles

Toast & butter, jam - Pop Tarts

Cocoa made with natural components - Cocoa made with artificial flavors and dyes

Whipped cream - Cool whip

No vitamins (cod liver oil) - Flintstones with coloring and tastes

White powder, or bad tasting fluid medication - bright pink, bubblegum flavored

School beverage-water at the drinking fountain - soft drinks with synthetic colors, tastes, caffeine

Lunch at home- natural peanut butter and jam sandwich - Pizza from off-campus, corn, bread / butter

Piece of fruit, glass of white milk - vanilla ice-cream cup, choc/straw/vanilla milk

An ADHD Diet IS a Natural Cure

In my study, I found a California pediatric specialist who provided proof that color additives, chemicals, and synthetic tastes were a reason for hyperactivity. (Just take a look at the diet of today!) Exactly what is the response?

The suggestion was merely to adjust the diet for ADHD youngsters. His research study verified ADHD to be an ALLERGY to these additives, not the fault of a moms and dad, or a bad child, or a brain malfunctioning. It was the outcome of DIET.

Research studies in Australia and the United States more program that 3/4 of ADHD-diagnosed youngsters who follow an ADHD DIET which remove dyes, preservatives, and foods commonly connected with allergies (cow's milk, wheat, soy, eggs, corn, chocolate, yeast, orange and apple juice) show exceptional enhancement in just a couple of days. That's pretty 'natural'. Just eliminate the causes! Replacement health foods for synthetic foods. That, in conjunction with natural supplements, is a response worth looking into. No moderate changing medicines. Just behavior altering healthy options.

It certainly took place that way for my 6 year old nephew, Billy. In 3 days time there was a totally new little kid, laughing, delighted, and liking. It was absolutely remarkable to see how reliable the appropriate diet for ADHD coupled with natural supplements, could be.

Billy has been improving progressively. It is just remarkable. He came adding to me a few days ago, hugged me and said, "I'm not 'broken' anymore! I work simply great".

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